Back in circulation…

At Last I am back in circulation (a bit) in the world of social media! February 28th till now… What a whirling creative personal tour of self I have been on!

February 2014 I painted in my cabana on the sea at Ak Bol Yoga Retreat on the island of Ambergris Caye once again.  Those Spirit Beings and Moon Mantra paintings found their home at Belizean Arts Gallery on the island.

Upon return from a painting , creating , expanding time for three weeks in Belize last February…my commitment to my spirit infused art was reignited!

With the construction skills of a dear friend, I finally built my first ever tiny art studio / new moon ceremony space at my Lucky Bamboo Sanctuary where I live in Topanga California.

In March I was Inspired to build a “real” art studio in Topanga on the property of “Lucky Bamboo” where I live !   This inspiration came from how well celebrated my art was during my time painting in Belize…

The completion of that little space in April began a monthly gathering of women on the night of the new moon to feast, chant, sip tea, and individually and communally set new intentions for what we want to manifest …..and where to put energy into in our lives personally and as a group during that new moon cycle.

The new “Spirit  Beings” painted in my tiny trailer while my new studio was being built….. Found their home  in April at a show I created for Topanga Canyon Gallery called “Nomadic”…..of course.

As one can only imagine..the ongoing clarity and creativity and sense of support has been extraordinary for myself and all who have participated.
Fast forward to July 17th …to my personal celebration of arriving at the fabulous chronological age of 60!!!! I was awake and driving to the Labyrinth in Tuna Canyon in Topanga at 4:30 am with the Doodles and a dear friend to set an intention for this new decade at daybreak.

In October, my spirit beings and I found our way to the P.L.A.Y. festival in Ruston Louisiana, to exhibit, sell and play! My art is now for  sale at Main Street Exchange Gallery in downtown Ruston as a result of that gypsy trip!


So.. To make an already long story not so long: I sit here in a casita/studio in San Miguel De Allende Mexico where I have been creating my art for the month of November……more jazzed and inspired in the creative process of living than ever before!!

My longtime dream of selling all of my art forms myself in a beach town .. gypsy style has come into fruition! I have rented a “gypsy style” adorable little wagon carriage in the east village of Cambria California on the central coast …heading towards Big Sur.
My business is called “the gypsy spirit” by artist paula fagan.

I will be open for the two weeks before Xmas and then in February onward!!

My Spirit Being paintings have evolved into Spirit Girls and now Spirit Boys.

The “Circles of Love have expanded to fabulous leather cuffs representing the… “un-wristwatch” and also handmade brooches with a “timepiece like” gear embedded in them as yet another talisman for the “Circle of Love” .
The glass “Inspheration Vessels” will be hanging freely outside the “gypsy spirit” wagon as well!

So follow my Facebook page and my website as I begin to share this extraordinary tale of: “the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, and the spirit of a fairy”….in all of us!!!
Photos and stories to begin December 15th ish…….

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a snippet of Spirit Girl Jo’s Inspiration and Creation

Hi All… Thought you might enjoy seeing the process of inspiration and creation that happens in the birth of a “Spirit Girl”!  Peace, Paula   So great that Spirit Girl Jo’s inspiration is sourced from  a passionate guitar player on an island in Panama!  So she was actually painted in Topanga California… her roots are in Central America. And well of course.. Belize in Central America is where she traveled too  to find her home!!  Notice she even made a couple of gallery appearances while in California Love the global, cosmic cycle of this art ….and of life itself!! Enjoy paula



IMG_1128 IMG_1058 IMG_1054 IMG_0722



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retreat to ojai

The Heartstring of Spirit Girl Wilma reads: “Cross, Share, Collide, Tangle, Untangle”

Spending four days and three nights with 25 women at the Power Of A Woman Retreat gave even deeper meaning to Wilma’s Heartstring.

It was through crossing paths, sharing with each other,, colliding into ourselves, tangling in uneasy personal places that we found a bit more of ourselves individually. Through being in communion with others we constantly saw ourselves in each other. Somehow in the safe womb of the sweat lodge on Saturday night we were able to untangle ourselves in some deep places that had been tangled for a long time.

So I now invite you to slow down and share with those you cross paths with in the next week. Through your communion with another you may be surprised at what tangled places surface … and then magically untangle through that union with another human being.

Peace, Paula

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what you see of me

Well…Of Course …I showed up at the Power of A Woman Retreat last weekend in Ojai California with one of my intentions being : To gain clarity about the purpose and power of “The Spirit Girls” and see where they will serve as healing tools. After about one hour into our first group session 25 women were instructed to pair up with a woman you did not know, and sit cross legged facing each other. My partner for this was Kristen (20 years my younger). The next thing we were instructed to do was to stare into one another’s eyes without looking away for 5 minutes.











This was a most powerful experience of “What You See Of Me..Is What You Know Of Yourself” , the Spirit Girls Mantra on the back of each of their Heartstrings hanging over their heart. As I had tears rolling down my cheeks during the duration of the 5 minute EYE CONTACT , it became so clear why the Spirit Girls only have one facial feature….EYES. I also know now why the paint drips spontaneously often from their eyes on the canvas to form little tears…..well, of course!

So I invite you to focus this week on making direct lingering EYE CONTACT with everyone that you cross paths with ..and be ready to SEE YOURSELF.

Peace, Paula

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sourced from same soul

I have been painting for over ten years. Many guests at my exhibits have referred to my paintings as “soulful abstracts”. When the first “Spirit Girl” was born I remember being astounded at the image that unfolded on that raw loose piece of canvas. I KNEW she was inspired from my meditation practice…. but she seemed so unrelated to my abstract paintings I had been painting . It was not until 4 months later as I was hanging my exhibit titled “Stillness” at Topanga Canyon Gallery that I was re-astounded!
Each “Spirit Girl” was sourced from the same place aesthetically and soulfully as one of my abstracts that I had painted over 8 months before! I beamed and wanted to dance at this discovery! The titles were in synch. The color combination were perfectly in synch. Even the sizes of each pairing of paintings were in synch.

The earthy deeply textured bottom layer on “You Are Bird…I am Nest”, the abstract below , seems to be the source for Spirit Girl Birdie’s” earthy, rusty, textured hair. Her eyes are certainly sourced from the sky blue layer in the painting. Her tutu necklace grabs all the colors into a” light in flight ” kind of feeling.  So, “Well Of Course” they are sourced from the same soul….mine.    Peace, Paula

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more wild horses

"Mount the stallion of Love and do not fear the path,
 Love's stallion knows the way exactly.
 With one leap, Love’s horse will carry you home
 However black with obstacles the way may be."
                - Rumi
Wild Horses (Sold)

Wild Horses (Sold)

More Wild Horses (Available)

More Wild Horses (Available)

Another of many ” Well Of Course” moments happened yesterday morning right after I had written in my journal about ACCEPTANCE. My writing is about being true to myself  and about accepting situations and circumstances for exactly what they are.

I reminded myself to not use up all my energy trying to wish it isn’t so, but accepting “IT IS SO”. The next thing I did after writing the journal entry was finding this Rumi poem in a string of emails.  Within the borderless space of Love, I can trust that the stallion of Love  knows the way exactly.

If I stay in that place Love’s horse WILL carry me home always. Apparently this is what I KNOW ….as I have painted two paintings in honor of “Wild Horses” that continue to get me home no matter how black with obstacles the way may be. So focus on the journey NOW and not the destination and hold on tight!!




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inspired by gorgeous prose

As a painter a new creation is often inspired by gorgeous prose and poetry that evoke emotion in me.
When I stumbled upon this poem by Pablo Neruda on the shelf near my meditation space it was early
yesterday morning. I have read it and reread and shared it with those I love. I just can’t get enough of it.
It reminded me of a painting in my collection titled ” Holding Hands With Your Heart”. That painting is still
being stored in my studio and has not made that connection with whom ever I painted it for unknowingly…..yet.
I am also pretty sure a painting titled “The Softness That Changed My Destiny” will find it’s way to canvas.
I also love the thought of  painting one titled “My Shadow Traveling Along In Your Hair”. Those are two of my
favorite snippets from this Sonnet! Write to me and share your snippet from this poem.….if you feel inspired.
 Enjoy, Paula
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the “interconnectedness” of the universe

How I love the interconnectedness of our universe! Eight weeks ago the not-so happenstance meeting of a lovely musician Calypso Joe on a remote island off Panama has led me to the creation of a gorgeous soulful new Spirit Girl “Jo”.

The connection started on a hot , sweaty, day on the island of Bastimentos while sashaying around the island on foot with my two girlfriends Kathy and Hyta. We met Joe who led us to a little cafe on the water to have lunch. He played Reggae and Calypso music for us on his guitar while we waited for our food. His question to me was :”Do you like my music?”.

Spirit Girl Jo’s heartstring tag reflects his comment back after I replied, “Yes, Very much!”.

Oh the glory of our interconnected universe! Jo is currently a part of my latest exhibit “STILLNESS” at Topanga Canyon Gallery in Topanga California. Spirit Girl Jo and a collection of other current Spirit Girls have been paired with my abstract paintings and glass “Inspheration Vessels” for a contemplative exhibit. Of Course… a wonderful surprise became evident as I hung this show. The rusted iron hair on the Spirit Girls is really derived from the deep earthy brown soil-like layer in my paintings. The wet sometimes water-like eyes of the Spirit Girls seems to have been sourced from the greens and blues in the waterish layer of my paintings.

The red tears which drip from some of the Spirit Girl’s eyes already existed in not so random droplets of red paint in many of my soulful paintings. A Surprise? Yes! An accident or coincidence? No such thing.
You are invited to view this magic this Sunday September 8th, 2013 from 3-6 at the gallery at my Artist’s Reception. My work will be featured with the meditative photography of Felice Willat of Topanga.


Peace, Paula Fagan

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the alchemist at work

I feel a new painting on loose, raw canvas has been inspired at 8:10 pm Friday night on the hill here in Topanga outside my studio.


Starting in Egypt, alchemists were the predecessors to the modern chemists. They were scientists who could allegedly convert any everyday object into gold.

Hmmm…….Who is THIS alchemist who can convert an ordinary blue sky of clouds into THIS?

I think the painting shall be titled “The Alchemist”. So once again I sit in awe at the Source that works through me to manifest these gorgeous creations of art.

And Well…..Of Course…….This is the Rumi quote that popped up on my morning email the next morning. The synchronicity in life continues to make me smile.

A Year of Rumi
by Andrew Harvey

Lesson 199: The Splendor of Alchemy

If a robe came already sown and cut
How could a tailor show his art?
Tree trunks should be left rough-hewn
So the carpenter can fashion what he needs;
A doctor who mends broken bones
Attends the patient whose leg is broken –
How could the excellence of his skill be shown
Without a weakened, half-crippled man?
How could the splendor of alchemy flash out
If copper’s worthlessness and shady character
Were not everywhere known and seen?



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had to share! #DailyOM: Go for it!

I subscribe to a daily meditation and today they sent me something that I just had to share with the world. They do not have a web version of the newsletter but you can sign up for it here!

The following is a message from the DailyOM and I do not take ownership of its content. But isn’t it beautiful? And SO true!


July 19, 2013
Go for It
Making It Happen
by Madisyn Taylor

The universe is fully supportive of what you want, but it is up to you to go for it.

There are times in our lives when all the signs seem to be pointing us in a particular direction. Our thoughts and dreams are echoed in the songs and stories we hear and the media we see. Maybe the message we are getting from the universe doesn’t even make sense in the “real” world, but somewhere inside, these urges feel right. Maybe you feel you are being told to move to a new city although your life where you are is just fine. Or maybe you feel the desire to pursue a new direction in your career when it never really interested you before. When we spend time getting in touch with our higher selves, our intuition sends us directives to lead us to become our best and most fulfilled selves. And when we are open and listening, the next step is to take action and go for it.

Once we make the decision to pursue our inner urgings, the universe sets into motion the means for all sorts of details to fall into place. A sense of peace will come over us, because we know that any questions will no longer make us wonder if our dreams are possible, but how to make them happen. Instead of deterring us from our goal, these questions only serve to clarify our focus to move us forward. We need not throw caution to the wind to follow our dream. The positive shift in our energy affects everything around us. Like a rush of water, it goes ahead to clear debris from our path so that we can go forward. Our new attitude also attracts likeminded people. Sometimes even the most unlikely angels arrive to help us along our way with the information and support we need.

Wherever your dreams are pointing you today, take a step. Take action and manifest your inner urges and soul whisperings.

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