spirit girl inspiration in panama

With Five Spirit Girl canvases strapped to my back, I have hunkered down for at least 5 or 6 nights on Bastimentos island off of Panama in the jungle at the edge of the sea. We are at Palmar tent camp which is totally off the grid!! All solar everything and only rainwater.  Our meals are cooked here by a young  & funky staff from UK, US and locals.

Yesterday we went on our own exploring of some very tiny, simple villages, housing a school and a few hut like structures. My Spanish carried us into some simpler conversation with the indigenous people (scary that MY Spanish was our savior!!! ).  I feel right at home in our canvas pole tents!!! The sea is rough and the days humid, rainy and cloudy!! Perfect. Just as it should be!! We are relieved to have taken those HEAVY backpacks off our backs for awhile!!!  Laughing.. Chilling and feeling ever so grateful for this gorgeous universe we inhabit!!



Tomorrow i travel by small boat to another island for a 10:00 am meeting to introduce “Spirit Girls” to a small gallery and a possible home for the ones I brought with me!!

Peace and hugs,


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