I am back home safely in my studio perched high up in Topanga Canyon. After a month of travel in Panama I am blessed with wonderful photos, a smile on my face, and more life lessons. The night before I departed California to make my way to the Islands of Bocas Del Toro in Panama, I had a strong intuition that I was to roll up six of my Spirit Girls in a yoga mat bag and carry them on my adventure, as if a heavy backpack on my back was not enough!

I somehow just KNEW that those paintings were meant to spread their energy at a gallery on an island. I trusted my strong feeling enough to carry them by planes, buses, taxis, ferries, on foot through rain forests, wooden boats, bicycles and more. The best was crossing the border between Costa Rica and Panama on foot. The 103 year old footbridge spanning across a river had loose boards, gaps with no boards and a beautiful aged well worn patina. So there I was with a backpack strapped to my back and spirit girls hanging on my front .. balancing all the while.

  • Ready to walk the 103 year old well worn footbridge border crossing. The paintings are well protected in my arms leaving Costa Rica entering Panama.

  • “Spirit Girl Martha” hanging beautifully in harmony with all the other artistic treasures at Island Traders in Bocas Town


  • I left “Spirit Girl Deb” peeking out from behind island surf boards!


  • “Spirit Girl Kairos” is hanging behind a handcrafted dream catcher .. of course!

Never did I doubt that they were on their way to exactly the right gallery space on some small island which I knew nothing about.
Well of course… I met Francesca the owner of Island Traders in BocasTown on Isla Colon. The funky little gallery right in the island hustle and bustle now has six Spirit Girls for sale , hanging as if they just belong there… because they do!! Peace, Paula


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