the alchemist at work

I feel a new painting on loose, raw canvas has been inspired at 8:10 pm Friday night on the hill here in Topanga outside my studio.


Starting in Egypt, alchemists were the predecessors to the modern chemists. They were scientists who could allegedly convert any everyday object into gold.

Hmmm…….Who is THIS alchemist who can convert an ordinary blue sky of clouds into THIS?

I think the painting shall be titled “The Alchemist”. So once again I sit in awe at the Source that works through me to manifest these gorgeous creations of art.

And Well…..Of Course…….This is the Rumi quote that popped up on my morning email the next morning. The synchronicity in life continues to make me smile.

A Year of Rumi
by Andrew Harvey

Lesson 199: The Splendor of Alchemy

If a robe came already sown and cut
How could a tailor show his art?
Tree trunks should be left rough-hewn
So the carpenter can fashion what he needs;
A doctor who mends broken bones
Attends the patient whose leg is broken –
How could the excellence of his skill be shown
Without a weakened, half-crippled man?
How could the splendor of alchemy flash out
If copper’s worthlessness and shady character
Were not everywhere known and seen?



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