the “interconnectedness” of the universe

How I love the interconnectedness of our universe! Eight weeks ago the not-so happenstance meeting of a lovely musician Calypso Joe on a remote island off Panama has led me to the creation of a gorgeous soulful new Spirit Girl “Jo”.

The connection started on a hot , sweaty, day on the island of Bastimentos while sashaying around the island on foot with my two girlfriends Kathy and Hyta. We met Joe who led us to a little cafe on the water to have lunch. He played Reggae and Calypso music for us on his guitar while we waited for our food. His question to me was :”Do you like my music?”.

Spirit Girl Jo’s heartstring tag reflects his comment back after I replied, “Yes, Very much!”.

Oh the glory of our interconnected universe! Jo is currently a part of my latest exhibit “STILLNESS” at Topanga Canyon Gallery in Topanga California. Spirit Girl Jo and a collection of other current Spirit Girls have been paired with my abstract paintings and glass “Inspheration Vessels” for a contemplative exhibit. Of Courseā€¦ a wonderful surprise became evident as I hung this show. The rusted iron hair on the Spirit Girls is really derived from the deep earthy brown soil-like layer in my paintings. The wet sometimes water-like eyes of the Spirit Girls seems to have been sourced from the greens and blues in the waterish layer of my paintings.

The red tears which drip from some of the Spirit Girl’s eyes already existed in not so random droplets of red paint in many of my soulful paintings. A Surprise? Yes! An accident or coincidence? No such thing.
You are invited to view this magic this Sunday September 8th, 2013 from 3-6 at the gallery at my Artist’s Reception. My work will be featured with the meditative photography of Felice Willat of Topanga.


Peace, Paula Fagan

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