Back in circulation…

At Last I am back in circulation (a bit) in the world of social media! February 28th till now… What a whirling creative personal tour of self I have been on!

February 2014 I painted in my cabana on the sea at Ak Bol Yoga Retreat on the island of Ambergris Caye once again.  Those Spirit Beings and Moon Mantra paintings found their home at Belizean Arts Gallery on the island.

Upon return from a painting , creating , expanding time for three weeks in Belize last February…my commitment to my spirit infused art was reignited!

With the construction skills of a dear friend, I finally built my first ever tiny art studio / new moon ceremony space at my Lucky Bamboo Sanctuary where I live in Topanga California.

In March I was Inspired to build a “real” art studio in Topanga on the property of “Lucky Bamboo” where I live !   This inspiration came from how well celebrated my art was during my time painting in Belize…

The completion of that little space in April began a monthly gathering of women on the night of the new moon to feast, chant, sip tea, and individually and communally set new intentions for what we want to manifest …..and where to put energy into in our lives personally and as a group during that new moon cycle.

The new “Spirit  Beings” painted in my tiny trailer while my new studio was being built….. Found their home  in April at a show I created for Topanga Canyon Gallery called “Nomadic”…..of course.

As one can only imagine..the ongoing clarity and creativity and sense of support has been extraordinary for myself and all who have participated.
Fast forward to July 17th …to my personal celebration of arriving at the fabulous chronological age of 60!!!! I was awake and driving to the Labyrinth in Tuna Canyon in Topanga at 4:30 am with the Doodles and a dear friend to set an intention for this new decade at daybreak.

In October, my spirit beings and I found our way to the P.L.A.Y. festival in Ruston Louisiana, to exhibit, sell and play! My art is now for  sale at Main Street Exchange Gallery in downtown Ruston as a result of that gypsy trip!


So.. To make an already long story not so long: I sit here in a casita/studio in San Miguel De Allende Mexico where I have been creating my art for the month of November……more jazzed and inspired in the creative process of living than ever before!!

My longtime dream of selling all of my art forms myself in a beach town .. gypsy style has come into fruition! I have rented a “gypsy style” adorable little wagon carriage in the east village of Cambria California on the central coast …heading towards Big Sur.
My business is called “the gypsy spirit” by artist paula fagan.

I will be open for the two weeks before Xmas and then in February onward!!

My Spirit Being paintings have evolved into Spirit Girls and now Spirit Boys.

The “Circles of Love have expanded to fabulous leather cuffs representing the… “un-wristwatch” and also handmade brooches with a “timepiece like” gear embedded in them as yet another talisman for the “Circle of Love” .
The glass “Inspheration Vessels” will be hanging freely outside the “gypsy spirit” wagon as well!

So follow my Facebook page and my website as I begin to share this extraordinary tale of: “the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, and the spirit of a fairy”….in all of us!!!
Photos and stories to begin December 15th ish…….

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