about me

paula fagan

I gave myself permission to pick up a spatula and use it for something other than scraping the “brownie bowl” in 2003.

I acquired a giant canvas, some acrylic paints and allowed a force from the center of my soul to guide that spatula in placing those colors and textures onto that canvas in a mysterious way.

What was the yellow brick road in Kansas paved with that led me to that first canvas? A very full life of guiding my three wonderful children, teaching in my small Montessori school, a career of training Montessori teachers and so much more paved that road. It all allowed me to witness how given a nurturing, prepared environment … children just unfold effortlessly. That was my formal training for painting on canvas.

As I prepare to paint, my surroundings are important: beauty, music, a prepared environment of paint, canvas and spatulas. The most important element is the nurturing environment, which comes from the center of my soul … and then the painting just unfolds.

So, just as I witnessed in the children, I find myself painting with a song on my (red) lips and joy in my heart. May this collection of paintings bring a song to the soul and joy to the hearts of all who enter the casa where each painting will live.

That yellow brick road which started in Kansas, has now taken my paintings to homes, galleries and exhibits in Kansas, Missouri, New York, Arizona, Michigan, California, Mexico, England and Belize.

My recent 3 years living and painting in Belize began at an orphanage. This experience served as an inspiration for my current collection.

I have painted many commission pieces and often will let a painting go to a new casa for a visit prior to purchase. Most often a painting finds it’s perfect spot, never to return.

My home and outdoor art studio, Lucky Bamboo, is now perched overlooking beautiful Topanga Canyon … for now.