Circles of Love

Circles of Love

“Come out of the circle of time & into the circle of love.” ~ Rumi

The idea for the “Circles of Love” came to me while backpacking through small villages in Italy in 2010. I had also been working 2 years at the time at an orphanage in Belize in central america.

During both experiences, I felt very blessed to witness first hand how people live when they are not wrapped up in the concept of time. Then while spending a month in the tiny villages in the mountains of Nepal, I felt what it was like to live in a circle of love for the first time.

My intention in creating these circles is for them to serve as a talisman to wear or hang in your world as a reminder to “Come out of the Circle of Time & into the Circle of Love.”

 Each one is an original with a hand sewn tag bearing the Rumi quote.

Ten percent of your donation will go directly to the Liberty Children’s Home in Ladyville, Belize where I learned about living in the “Circle of Love”


Paula Fagan


rumi quote tag.JPGpaula_fagan_circles_of_love_1.jpgpaula_fagan_circles_of_love_2.jpgpaula_fagan_circles_of_love_3.jpgpaula_fagan_circles_of_love_4.jpgpaula_fagan_circles_of_love_5.jpg