Inspherations are hand painted blown glass vessels. They are hand tied  and knotted with a linen cord. Each one has a tiny scroll tied into the cord and a hook for hanging. They arrive to you in a special gift box.

The universe is full of miracles. Life itself is a miracle. I believe we are all connected and that there is both power & peace that comes from writing down & expressing intent for what I desire in my life.

I trust that as soon as I do that the entire universe begins to send “it” my way universe style. It is not for me to know how that will happen.

I created these tiny scrolls & vessels to serve as a way for you to manifest what you are sure you want in your life.

It is so simple! Be clear of what you want, write it on the scroll, roll it up & drop it in the “Inspheration” vessel.

Hang it up anywhere in the universe as a symbol of letting it go & trusting the universe.


Paula Fagan