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Susan was the first spirit girl to find a home. Adopt a Spirit Girl today!

photo (6).JPGdana.pngsusan.jpgstrawberry wine - (SOLD)sundown - (SOLD)vernazza - (SOLD)vernazza II - (SOLD)wine & sunshine (SOLD)sacred feather (SOLD)5:00 AM (SOLD)training wheels (SOLD)basico (SOLD)besos de pez (SOLD)dusk at joe\'s (SOLD)la casa pequena que canta (SOLD)playatized (SOLD)red (SOLD)rojo (SOLD)training wheels ii (SOLD)bay beach morn (SOLD)coon lodge (SOLD)dusk (SOLD)casa de espiritus alegres (SOLD)siesta (SOLD)laura (SOLD)la casa que canta (SOLD)cortez (SOLD)a case of you (SOLD)orange (SOLD)majorca (SOLD)feels like rain (SOLD)fiesta (SOLD)5th ave (SOLD)cinque terre, italy (SOLD)il bel far niente (SOLD)canon-d (SOLD)training wheels iv (SOLD)dawn at dione\'s (SOLD)dusk at dion\'s (SOLD)because we believe (SOLD)wild horses (SOLD)landslide (SOLD)temporary one (SOLD)stillness (SOLD)the chain (SOLD)her miracle (SOLD)kiss of life (SOLD)day by day (SOLD)sail away (SOLD)moondance (SOLD)the moon that moves your tide (SOLD)the spark that lights you up (SOLD)